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Farm Project: Papaya Plants

I’ve been working with a lot located in Antipolo. I’ve been planting a few plants from seeds and grafts. The latest of my fruit-bearing plants are some papaya plants.

The progress have been posted in the forums: Gardening Papaya

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Become Rich from Farming ‘Sinta’ Papaya, Part 1

For those OFWs who are contemplating on returning to the Philippines for good and want to start a good business, they could start Papaya farming.

There are OFWs who have bought lands, There are also retirees who already have land. These lands could be the start of you Papaya farm.

If you don’t have any farm lot yet, there are a lot of land that could be brought in the province. They are cheap, the soil is rich. A good choice for farming.

The ‘Sinta’, a Philippine-bred hybrid papaya isn’t affected much by the PRSV or ringspot virus.

One tree of a ‘Sinta’ Papaya yields more fruits than its counterparts. Every Sinta papaya yields 17-50 papaya fruits. And because the ‘Sinta’ papaya is a dwarf tree, it is extremely easy to harvest and sell. ‘Sinta’ papaya fruits have an average weight of 1.2kgs to 2.0kgs.

More on the continuation

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How to Invest 100,000 pesos?

I’ve recently gotten hold of a question from


I’m new here and again would like to thank the people behind this wonderful learning resource.

A bit of a background, I am a freelance photographer looking for something to do with 100K. This money is at my disposal, interest free. The only thing is, I have to return it to its owner about a year after I first use it.

I’ve explored many ideas from furniture to food but since I’m a business newbie, none seem “safe” enough for me. I also do not want to invest this in photography equipment because I already have all I need and given the number of photographers out there vying for projects, I don’t think I can return the money intact on the deadline after i deduct my expenses. So as of right now, the money remains untouched.

That said, would anyone here be able to offer effective suggestions as to what to invest in?

I look forward to your input…



This reminds of a post here at PinoySmartLife about what you can do with Php250,000.

However, the situation is different here. The Php100,000 amount is to be given back to the owner, hence, safety is one main concern.

One year is short for doing investments with capital you need to preserve. My suggestion is to look into Money Market Funds.

Here’s a list of Money Market UITFs/Mutual Funds:

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2010 Largest Banks in The Philippines By Net Income

The Largest Banks by Net Income in 2010 are as follows:

Bank of The Philippine Islands 11,312,000,000
BDO 8,825,000,000
Metrobank 8,366,000,000
Chinabank 5,003,386,250
RCBC 4,248,000,000
PNB 3,515,451,000

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