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My New Year’s Resolution

It’s a New Year once again. We’ve done the celebration. We’ve done the fireworks. We’ve done the eating. However, the new year doesn’t only mean eating and fireworks. It means a start of something new for each and everyone of us. That’s what new year’s resolutions are for.

My new year’s resolutions for this year are closely related to my personal finance values and my career. Last year has been very eventful. We’ve encountered tragedies. We’ve also encountered a state wherein I was near zero in terms of my finance. Although, I couldn’t have done anything with regards to the typhoon, I’m not allowing any of the finance problem part happen again this year.

  • Invest more regularly. That means every month. Not only at times that I think I have enough money.
  • Blog more often. On this blog that is.
  • Learn to drive. This is a real nice skill to have especially in our line of business (car rental)
  • Learn Stock Photography. I just bought a Canon EOS 1000D and I intend to learn using it and earn money doing stock photograhy
  • I intend to open a savings account. In this account I will put in money for traveling purposes. I always liked traveling(by land) and I intend to go out more often this year

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Why Married People are Richer than Single Individuals

I’ve never been married. I am single. And no. Getting married to become richer isn’t in any of my plans. However, why is it that married people are indeed richer than single individuals? Here are a few points that I see. Let me see if you agree with me.

Married individuals’s costs are paid by two individuals. For example, the house rent or mortgage is paid off by two individuals thus making it cheaper than if only one individual does all the payments.

Married individuals are much more motivated. The married individual
could be working better gor the family, or working better for the children.

Married individuals don’t eat out often. Instead of going out on dates, they spend more time at home.

Two earners mean more income. This is basic math.

Married individuals can check up on one another. One could remind the other when overspending. It’s much more common to make mistakes when you’re single because of this.

Do you believe that married couples are much richer than single individuals? If yes, why?

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