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Weekly Roundup: New Contract, No Fear Edition

Last week, my contract with my current company was renewed. This means that I am now a regular employee and have a much stable job in the company I am in.

Here’s the list of my favorite blog posts from last week:

I really liked this talk. After watching the video, I actually started to teach myself the japanese language from various and will probably learn more when I think I’m ready for classes.

Amazing Video. This is truly the best time to become an entrepreneur.

I am planning to start a business later this year or probably early next year. Hopefully, with all the information I’ve been gathering, I will be pretty ready for the challenge of entrepreneurship.

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Weekly Roundup: Recovering Week Edition

I visited my parents yesterday and saw that there hasn’t been much change since last week. The clothes were still hanging on the clothesline, tables and chairs were everywhere. I still very happy how things went with Typhoon Ondoy that there wasn’t any tragic events in our area.

Business has been down for over two weeks; without a computer to use for business communication, our car rental business was practically dead in the water. Although we plan to buy one before Friday, the damage has been done. Clients have been calling and complaining about the service. I can’t blame them. I’d be furious too.

Anyway, here’s this week’s weekly roundup of fabulous posts:

34 Reminders For a Fulfilled Life This is a post everyone must read on a daily basis.

Go Small Or Go Home: In Praise of Minimalism I am not very big on buying stuff, except maybe for clothes (only a few survived the typhoon Ondoy flood). My minimalist efforts have been doing well according to plan. Saving all the money intended to buy stuff to paying the bills and debt.

Do You Really Know Bill Gates? The Myth of Entrepreneur as Risk-Taker Whoever said that you need to take big risks to build a business. Here’s the story that shatters the myth.

How Do All Those “Idiots” Make So Much Money? You probably don’t know but I was a little into sales in one of my previous jobs. I had to go with sales people as a technical sales representative (someone who knows the technicalities). This is a very good read especially if you are in sales.

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Weekly Roundup: Busy Week Edition

Last week was very busy. I spent time our house in Pasig City to bring food, candles, and other supplies that my parents needed. The flood caused by the typhoon, Ondoy, killed 3 of our dogs (we had 9), all of our chickens (yea, we have a few). Almost everything was ruined. My parents cars and vans now need to be fixed. Unfortunately, the insurance doesn’t cover acts of God. A lot of our clothes were ruined because of the flood. A lot of things at home need to be replaced.

In short, it is costing us a lot of money. In months time, I hope to see everything return the way they used to be.

Make Money At Home By Collecting Coins Who said small amounts don’t amount to anything?

4 to 6 more cyclones to enter RP before yearend One of the worst news I heard this week. I really hope they don’t make landfall.

How To Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates Since my debt are all in the form of credit card debt, I’ve called my credit cards for debt repayment plans. Luckily, they had it.

Investing in retail treasury bonds If you’ve read my favorite personal finance book, Your Money or Your Life, until the end, you’d know how happy I am knowing right now knowing this information.

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Weekly Roundup: PF Blogs Shortage Edition

A few days ago, I started to blog more and more about personal finance. While I’ve been doing research on a lot of aspects of personal finance, I discovered that there was definitely a very small number of blogs focusing on personal finance in the Philippines.

Although I’ve been acquainted with SVB(via another blog I have), easily one of the great personal finance bloggers who writes on numerous blogs including her own, The Digerati Life, she mostly focuses on the US economy. The only personal finance blogs I’ve read that focuses on the Philippines are Tyrone’s Millionaire Acts, Celine’s Frugal Pinoy, Pinoy Money Talk and Inquirer’s Money Smarts.

Perhaps it’s a great idea to get a round up of all the Filipino personal finance bloggers. It would be very helpful for readers to get a lot more personal finance information if there was an actual list of the personal finance bloggers.

Anyway, here’s a list of interesting blog posts that I read in the past week.

4 ways to fund your children’s education. I’m already decided on taking #3, Save and invest on your own. Although there is risk, I don’t believe it’s less riskier than getting so-called guaranteed educational plan (CAP, etc).

How much happiness can money buy?. I believe money cannot buy happiness. What it can buy is security. In turn we can focus on other things that make us happy, like family and friends.

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 20: Spending Smart with Greg Karp. I enjoyed this personal finance hour episode. What I particularly liked are the tips when buying at stores. Another interesting phrase I caught was about US tap water being safe drinking water. You’d probably get sick after a week of drinking tap water in the Philippines.

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