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Generali Pilipinas’ Dollar Secure 88

Today, at a BDO branch near me, I was informed of a program under Generali Pilipinas that was firstly introduced only to OFWs. It is the Dollar Secure 88. Dollar Secure 88 works as an investment plus life insurance, much like and endowment program.

The minimum payment as I was informed is 1000 USD. It is to be paid annually for 5 years. On the 8th year of the policy, you will begin to receive 8% of the amount assured by the insurance coverage. Aside from this you will receive dividends which aren’t guaranteed.

The good thing about this thing is that is guaranteed. You don’t need to check up on prevailing interest rates(bonds, etc) or stock prices(equities). I like the program and I am interested but I tend to go with riskier investments with more potential for growth.

I have since invested in multiple investments vehicles (equity funds, bond funds) and life insurance policies which I think is actually better for me in the long run. I have a long long time ahead of me and I believe that my approach will be much better.

If you are interested in guaranteed earnings from your investments, then Dollar Secure 88 is a good vehicle to propel you to success. Call you nearest BDO branch :)

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How to Invest 100,000 pesos?

I’ve recently gotten hold of a question from


I’m new here and again would like to thank the people behind this wonderful learning resource.

A bit of a background, I am a freelance photographer looking for something to do with 100K. This money is at my disposal, interest free. The only thing is, I have to return it to its owner about a year after I first use it.

I’ve explored many ideas from furniture to food but since I’m a business newbie, none seem “safe” enough for me. I also do not want to invest this in photography equipment because I already have all I need and given the number of photographers out there vying for projects, I don’t think I can return the money intact on the deadline after i deduct my expenses. So as of right now, the money remains untouched.

That said, would anyone here be able to offer effective suggestions as to what to invest in?

I look forward to your input…



This reminds of a post here at PinoySmartLife about what you can do with Php250,000.

However, the situation is different here. The Php100,000 amount is to be given back to the owner, hence, safety is one main concern.

One year is short for doing investments with capital you need to preserve. My suggestion is to look into Money Market Funds.

Here’s a list of Money Market UITFs/Mutual Funds:

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Stock Picking vs Stock Indexing

I’ve recently watched an interesting video that advocates stock indexing. Which I myself am thinking of doing for several months to see how this strategy goes.

I hope this is something useful for you guys! Enjoy!

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Mutual Funds / UITFs: Realizing Your Gain

I’ve recently read a post on one of my favorite forums about money and investing

Let’s say i’ve invested 1000 units participation of equity fund on sept 26 w/ navpu @ 226.4051

had an early redemption say today w/ it’s navpu @ 240.3455

1000 units X 240.3455 = 240,345.50
less 1132.03 (early redemption fee) = 239,213.47
minus 226,405.10

does it means i’ve earned Php 12,808.37 already? any addt’l charges or taxes i’ve missed or did I totally messed up my computation?

He has pretty much realized his profit. This is something that most people realize when investing in mutual funds and UITFs is that you don’t actually earn anything yet. You have only earned “in paper”. You would only have earned this until you sell your units or shares.

I, myself, don’t have any plans yet to withdraw my money. I plan to but not right now. I’ll ride the ups and downs for the next few years.

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