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74 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car from Reader’s Digest

This is a long read from Reader’s Digest. 74 Tips to extend the Life of your Car.

We all know that having a car is not only a luxury but also a burden. It’s like having to flush money on your car to have the luxury and better way of life it gives to you.

Here are a few tips I like:

2. Drive with care everyday
Do not race your car’s engine during start-up.This is a quick way to add years of wear to your engine, especially if it’s cold outside.

Consolidate your short driving trips. Most of the wear and tear — as well as the pollution your car generates — takes place in the first few minutes of driving. Doing several errands at once, during low traffic hours if possible, will keep your engine happier longer.

10. Park in the shade
Of course, a garage is always the ideal place to park your car. But if one isn’t available, minimize interior damage from UV sunlight and heat by always trying to park your car in the shade. If no shade is available or if you find parking under a tree results in bird droppings, use a car shade to minimize the sun’s impact. As a bonus, you’ll have a cooler car to step into on hot sunny days. Car shades come in two basic types: those that you unfold and place on the front windshield and rear window, or pleated types that attach to the windshield posts (with adhesive), window frames (with Velcro), or the windows themselves (with suction cups).

22. Protect car paint from the sun

Paint does more than make your vehicle look great. It’s also the first line of defense against rusted body panels. Of course, the best way to protect the paint is to park the car in a garage. If that is not possible, park in the shade or purchase a car cover. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down paint and cause it to fade. Some car covers protect your car from more than sun, moisture, bird droppings, and dust — they also have a thin layer of cushioning that will guard against light impact, such as from a tipped bicycle or small falling tree branch.

For more about the tips, read them on: Reader’s Digest.

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Farm Project: Papaya Plants

I’ve been working with a lot located in Antipolo. I’ve been planting a few plants from seeds and grafts. The latest of my fruit-bearing plants are some papaya plants.

The progress have been posted in the forums: Gardening Papaya

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My New Year’s Resolution

It’s a New Year once again. We’ve done the celebration. We’ve done the fireworks. We’ve done the eating. However, the new year doesn’t only mean eating and fireworks. It means a start of something new for each and everyone of us. That’s what new year’s resolutions are for.

My new year’s resolutions for this year are closely related to my personal finance values and my career. Last year has been very eventful. We’ve encountered tragedies. We’ve also encountered a state wherein I was near zero in terms of my finance. Although, I couldn’t have done anything with regards to the typhoon, I’m not allowing any of the finance problem part happen again this year.

  • Invest more regularly. That means every month. Not only at times that I think I have enough money.
  • Blog more often. On this blog that is.
  • Learn to drive. This is a real nice skill to have especially in our line of business (car rental)
  • Learn Stock Photography. I just bought a Canon EOS 1000D and I intend to learn using it and earn money doing stock photograhy
  • I intend to open a savings account. In this account I will put in money for traveling purposes. I always liked traveling(by land) and I intend to go out more often this year

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Weekly Roundup: Blog Action Day Edition

Blog Action Day came and passed and I forgot everything about it. Even when fellow blogger reminded me about it. Oh well. At least I still have the chance to blog about my fellow bloggers’ blog action day posts.

Here’s a roundup Blog Action Day 2009:

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