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Is Pisobid a Scam?

Pisobid, is one of the best know ‘bidding’ sites wherein you can buy an iPad 2 32GB WiFi for Php64.17, a Canon EOS 1100D DSLR for Php39.19. The Pisobid bidding site is a good way to get extraordinary deals but there is a catch.

How Much Pisobid earns
Pisobid is definitely not a scam from what I see. They are actually earning humongous amounts of money. I’d argue that they are earning more than they bought the product. Assuming that every bid is equal to Php1.00 (Php 1000 = 100 bids).

iPad 2 32GB WiFi
Bids = 64,170
Which means that they earned (Php64,170 – Php28,990) = Php 35,180

Another thing to consider is that they sell bids. Bids which can be ‘created’ by the system. It means that they can earn from Bid Packs from just nothing.

Be Wary
Pisobid is more of a gambling site than an auction site, wherein you put in money and you never get it out. It is good as theirs. If you like Pisobid, I’d advise you to be wise with your bids. Goodluck!

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1 Sid { 12.05.11 at 11:06 am }

Hi blogger! What about the other items PisoBid auctioned na hindi man lang nakaabot sa ROI nila? Yes, meron talagang gamble sa game na to but its not all win for them. Dami din kaya nilang losses. I read a blog about it:

And I read its just the items in the month of July. Its not all win for PisoBid, if gumagamble ang mga tao to join, PisoBid is gambling the items too. If walang magbid they lose and for sure meron silang loses every week. Gaya na lang nito:

WD TV Live – Network Media Player for only P3.73

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (WHITE) for only P66.26

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera for only P31.56

SamsungGalaxy Tab10.1 3G for only P23.02

Blackberry Curve 8520 for only P13.41

ASUS Eee PC X101 for only P3.09

Blackberry Bold 9900 for only P30.24

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for only 39.34

…And the list goes on. Hindi pa included jan ang mga accumulated free bids na na bid ng mga newbies before the actual auction happened. And hindi rin kasali ang mga free bids na binibigay ng PisoBid after registration.

It is good to be fair naman to PisoBid. No one is forcing the bidders to join. If people are taking risk, same goes to PisoBid. You can check the items and the price here:

You can do your own math. =)

2 Teejay { 12.09.11 at 2:17 pm }

Thanks for you feedback.

I never said there was a scam. I just said that they are earning too much money even if you account for their losses.

3 JohnnyPunk { 01.26.12 at 4:35 pm }

I noticed din na meron malalaking losses ang PisoBid. I just discovered the site kanina lang. Chineck ko rin gamit ang formula na ginamit niyo and I think mas marami pa atang losses kaysa earnings as of now.

Check niyo po dito ->

I think kahapon lang merong winner na Samsung Home Theater System worth ₱2.20.


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