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How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo

I’ve been looking into doing a lot of lifestyle changes in my life lately. I’ve come up with watering down the shampoo since I often use more than I used to. I’ve also ended up planting some vegetables at home to save more on food. Another attempt at living the frugal lifestyle is aimed at actually eliminating the shampoo from everyday use. This is by far the craziest attempt I’ll be taking on.

Why eliminate the shampoo
First of all, shampoo is does the job of cleaning our hair. It leaves our hair smelling good and feeling soft. A lot of shampoos contain aloe vera, vitamins, minerals and fruit extracts.

So there’s actually no reason to eliminate the shampoo, right?

Introducing some Hidden stuff
A big concern for unnatural or man-made products is that they don’t do as much good as they say they do. Some resources have claimed shampoos may be actually be harmful.

Shampoos are also detergents. The chemical mechanisms that underlie hair cleansing are similar to those of traditional soap. This means that it strips off our hair with the essential oils that it needs to shine naturally.

You can just imagine the cost of shampoo for an average person. As of this writing, the average cost of a shampoo sachet is about 5 PHP. This means that an average person would be spending around 150 PHP for a month or about 1,800 PHP a year. You could open up a savings account with that money. Did you know that a lot of Filipinos don’t have a savings account?

Here’s the Healthier and Cheaper Alternative
Vinegar and Baking Soda. Yes, I actually use baking soda to clean up my hair now. I find it easier to find. If you want to try it out. You’d better read on.

First, get a bowl and fill it up with some baking soda and water. Mix it up until it becomes as thick as traditional shampoo. Experiment a little on the amount of baking soda for the mixture. This baking soda-shampoo could last a full week.

I’ve honestly haven’t tried vinegar but I’m quite sure you’ll find these a lot more helpful.

There’s always a good feeling after you’ve tried something out of the ordinary to change routine. The best part is when breaking up your routine benefits you in so many ways.

I should probably try baking soda as a toothpaste…hmm… nah!

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